Fashion trends of the summer of 2019 are very diverse. The British publication Who What Wear analyzed the latest collections of the leading fashion houses in the world, identifying the most interesting trends in modern fashion. It is noted that, in general, the collections of this season were influenced by the trends of feminism and the movement to combat sexual harassment. This does not mean that fashion becomes less feminine and seductive, but the designers tried to create clothes in which the weaker women would feel stronger and more confident.


“One of the most relevant trends that we saw during the collections shows was the comprehensive theme of a real woman ... The trend includes comfortable fit, longer skirts, loose outerwear giving the attractiveness of flowing forms,” says a representative of the British company Net-a-Porter Elizabeth von der Goltz, who noted that this was typical of such houses as Burberry, Loewe, Valentino, Givenchy.

First, about fashionable colors. In the trend now beige of all shades. This color creates an impression of elegance and sophistication - especially when combined with a simple, modest silhouette. The monochrome look is actual - when a lady comes out in beige in different tones from head to toe. Recently, the wife of US President Melania Trump has frequently appeared in public in this color. So, during the state visit of Donald Trump to London, his wife arrived at the residence of the British Prime Minister in a beige raincoat from Celine, who added black accessories - a belt, shoes and a Hermes handbag worth about 70 thousand dollars from the skin of the Nile crocodile.

Another actual color is green with a mixture of gray, the so-called sage.

Super bright neon colors are also popular. They continue to "steer" on the catwalks of Milan, New York, Paris and London.

Fashionistas do not hurt to have in the wardrobe a couple of things leopard colors. This print began to dominate last year, but in the summer season of 2019, its popularity is expected to reach its peak.

Neon colors and leopard colors were very popular in the 1980s. This retro trend does not end there. The fashion includes features of styles of those years - for example, an extended line of shoulders. For example, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump Ivanka appeared at a recent reception in Buckingham Palace in a white suit from Alessandra Rich in the style of the 80s - with a basque and sleeves-lanterns.

Also popular in vintage style under the conditional name "Hawaiian vacation": bright swimsuits and colorful kitschy dresses. “Comfortable nostalgia is now having a powerful influence on fashion, as is always the case during social and economic uncertainty. We all return in our memory to times that were perceived to be happier. This also applies to leading designers and stylists, the embodiment of the creative work of the coordinators shows that these are their best memories, ”explains Emilie Gordon-Smith, a trendsetter who traces Stylus.

The so-called “prairie dresses”, which are rapidly gaining popularity, will look spectacular - in the style of the first American settlers. These long romantic outfits are most often distinguished by small, low-key prints (or they are monochrome), ruffles, ruffles, embroidery and lace. “This trend allows for the desire to dress more modestly and, at the same time, more romantic. It is feminine, but at the same time it is everyday and not too provocative”, says Gordon-Smith.

Very sexy, but at the same time, and quite strictly, look overalls in the style of clothing. A loose silhouette, but with an waistline that emphasizes the waist, such an outfit can be worn even for an evening out along with high-heel shoes, or used in everyday life with sneakers or boots. Although this trend was planned by fashion designers rather for the fall, fashion fans are already buying up in stores similar overalls, like hot cakes.

Although popular are mini-handbags, accessories this summer, judging by the ideas of designers, should be huge. This applies to hats, bags, hair bands, earrings and other jewelry.

If 2018 has passed under the motto of "frills", then in 2019 fringe comes to the fore. This detail decorates everything that is possible - hems, sleeves, bags, shoes and necklaces.

A variety of bows and bows of all sizes are literally ubiquitous. They decorate not only hairstyles, but also jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags.

Sports style comes to a new level. Images inspired by surfers, skateboarders and cyclists filled the catwalks and are already taking to the streets. The popularity of shorts, bicycles contributed a lot to Kim Kardashian, repeatedly appearing in public. They are recommended to be worn with oversized sweaters, loose T-shirts and blazers.

As for shoes, in the run will be a sports plan sandals with Velcro, slippers with heels, as well as shoes with heels of unusual "architectural" forms, shoes with shoes and platforms, a combination of nylon socks with sneakers, as well as a variety of combinations of socks with sandals.