NASA and the European Space Flight Control Center will conduct an unusual experiment involving volunteers who will have to spend two months in a horizontal position.

They will lie on a special improvised bed, which is tilted so that the legs are just above the level of the head. Thus, scientists plan to study the effect of weightlessness on the human body. This writes the New York Post.

Only women will be able to participate in the experiment, since previously they were practically not involved in such experiments. For the participation of each pay nineteen thousands dollars.

Within two months, volunteers will have to carry out all the natural processes in bed rest. Women will have to do everything lying down, including washing or eating. Nutritionists will develop a special diet for the participants of the experiment, so that during the experiment they will not gain weight.

The experiment will run from September to November at the aerospace center in Cologne, Germany. To participate in the experiment allowed women from 24 to 55 years old, growth from 153 to 190 centimeters, with a body mass index from 19 to 30.